Medical Malpractice

At the law firm of Gray Legal Group, we bring more than 30 years of experience to medical malpractice cases. These are often considered the most challenging type of personal injury cases, due to the complex medical evidence involved, as well as the laws that apply. Our Greensboro medical malpractice attorneys handle cases of all types, with a focus on misdiagnosis of brain injuries and mental health malpractice.

Failure To Diagnose And Failure To Treat

When a patient goes to the emergency room or a doctor complaining of severe headaches and similar symptoms, he or she should receive a thorough work-up to diagnose the exact medical condition. All too often though, doctors make assumptions. They do not order CT scans or MRIs. They assume that the condition is minor, and they send patients on their way. Unfortunately, the patient may then suffer a stroke, herniation of the brain or a similar condition that, having gone untreated, may lead to death or serious injuries.

When a North Carolina doctor misdiagnoses a serious brain condition or any other medical condition, our lawyers will take action to see that he or she is held accountable and to get maximum compensation for the victim.

Psychologist And Psychiatrist Malpractice

Mental health professionals must take great care when diagnosing and treating patients who may present a danger to themselves or others. In the event that a patient is prematurely discharged from a mental health facility and commits suicide or harms others, the psychologist or psychiatrist in charge may be held accountable. Similarly, mental health professionals can be held accountable for prescription errors that lead to suicide, suicide attempts or harm to others. These are complex cases, but our attorneys are prepared to handle them.

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All medical negligence cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means that there is no upfront cost to hire our law firm. You pay only if you get compensation.

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